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Berlin based label Treat Collection presents a glamorous nail polish line - a treat not only for the nails (after all the polishes contain less chemicals than regular products), but a treat in itself and for all senses. It's just that daily little dose of self-indulgence.Treat collection was born in Berlin and of course shows urban edginess.

It is made for the self-confident girl or woman with a casual high twisted bun or ponytail wearing a khahi parka, skinny jeans and a well fitting white T-shirt as her daily uniform to roan Berlin, preferably on her bike. On saturdays she strolls around the farmet's market, meets her friend for a coffee and takes her dog for a walk. But at night, there is a transformation ! Being a huge fan of old school Hollywood glamour she then morphs into a sexy, cool lady. Think of mid century style houses, the cream colored 50s Mercedes Convertible, freshly coifed hair and perfectly groomed nails.

A modern Angelina Jolie. Looking equally effortless but stylish in both Berlin and Los Angeles-simply fabu-lous in any city to be precise! Sophisticated yet modern, glamorous but not overdone, classy with some attitude. And with some earned interest in treating herself well, rightfully so!. Treat Collection in a nutshell. Berlin cool. Hollywood Glam.

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