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Our story


Anouk, founder of Corpo Natura, is committed to ensuring that all women have access to natural and effective products that will deliver optimum skin benefits. Since her youth, she battled with ever-changing problematic skin conditions that worsened after the age of 28 due to an autoimmune disease triggered by a malfunctioning thyroid gland. Her challenging skin problems led to a multitude of questions that conventional medicine could not answer. As a result, she started doing her own research, educating herself on natural and organic products that could help her maintain a healthy-looking skin without the use of harsh chemicals that only exasperated her condition and hindered her natural beauty.

She learned that it is important to be aware of what we put on our bodies. Everything what we put on our skin is quickly absorbed into our bloodstream and organs, and conventional beauty products contain chemicals that are detrimental to our general health. With her condition she felt an immediate need to change her beauty routine, and became an expert in reading and understanding the complex ingredients labelling on cosmetics. While transitioning into a more sustainable beauty routine, she was confronted with the fact that natural cosmetics were difficult to find. Over some years of research, she discovered a selection of exceptional brands, formulated and hand-crafted by remarkable people who share the same passion, the same lifestyle, the same mission: to promote the use of pure, safe, effective and sustainable beauty products without sacrificing aesthetics.

Corpo Natura, was born from an genuine passion and a solid conviction that green beauty doesn't have to be boring, and by promoting it, we are contributing in the long term to the well-being of people, our community and our planet.

From her quest, Corpo Natura was born from a deep-rooted wish that women are able to look and feel at their very best………naturally!



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